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Welcome to my Life, my world.



Gosh where do i even begin? Its's been 15years since Big brother - can you believe? 15 years!  And boy has my life changed..I've had  many  an adventure,  Many lifestyles changes  and met many many people I never dreamed of meeting. My dreams really did come true, it was a rollercoaster for sure - sometimes happy and sometimes challenging but never ever boring. Today life is very different, I'm a mother first and foremost to two children..and actually, truthfully my daily life revolves around them. But the in between magic is what I will share here. 


I've changed a great deal physically and mentally in the past 15 yrs (who hasn't ?],  and I will be sharing all my beauty, fitness, fashion and skincare tips with you,  things like how I look after my skin and how i  do makeup. how i choose clothes that suit my frame and dress my self to accentute the good and hide the bad (that mum tum is a bugger to get rid off ),  ...I'm 44 years old and often get asked about my beauty regime and what i do to keep looking yourthful (good lighting in photos is my biggest trick!) However, 15 years ago it was a very different story.... I was overweight and looked older than I do now. Probabaly a result of drinking alcohol and eatng all the wrong foods and dont get me wrong -  hell yeah do i still eat chocolate and drink wine! but i just learned how to do i right. In all honesty - I  had to change - looking back at old photos i looked a fright! infact all the bad press after Big Brother did me a favour as they forced me to take a good look at myself (albeit rather cruelly),  and so through damn hard work of totally revamping my whole outlook and wellbeing i changed slowly but surely. on future posts you shall see how .


 My biggest passion is travel and cooking. i cant wait, to share my holiday stories with you and more importantly how to dress on holiday for us ladies with curves! And to LOVE every flaw and have he confidence to wear a bikini whatever shape. i simply wont tolerate any form of body shaming.



Where it began

I was the first British Indian to appear on the biggest reality TV show in Britain. I wanted my life to change but even in my wildest dreams I didn't expect the ways in which it did change life literally rocketed into this strange unknown stratosphere I didn't even know existed (more on that in my book that i wrote).


I was just an ordinary 20 years -old married Indian girl. A Medical Rep but I craved more. Don't you just sometimes be in bed willing your life to change? Feeling that there has to be more to this life? This simply can't be it?  I'd lie in bed wondering how at 26 I was married (still married btw) with a 9-5 and that was that! Don't get me wrong ...we had great jobs and a lovely first home and everything was hunky dory but that young Indian girl whose parents had come as immigrants from India to build a better future, that little girl has bigger dreams, that fire was simmering inside of me and just wouldn't extinguish. 


I knew ...I just KNEW, I felt it  - I had to become famous. I was sat in a GP surgery and handing out leaflets and knew I had to make this come true and that it was now or never.That I had to make my dreams come true. But how? That's where BB came in ...I wasn't a huge fan of the first series but realized it was a way in...I'd tried my hand at acting, even did a Bollywood film! But for an Indian, it was too hard to get opportunities...I was typecast all the time. The industry then, was pretty much how it still remains   Unfortunately extremely hard for people of color to get a gig. I felt BB was a platform to show me to give me the right publicity to be taken seriously (whoops very wrong on that one ), I didn't have cats. chance in hell in getting a job as a presenter. I was the child of Indian immigrants parents, we were very poor (more on that later), but BB was for ordinary folk - like me- working class with dreams. 


It was my last chance ..I wasn't getting younger and dreams do come true I believed it with every being in my soul. This is where The Secret comes into play, I hadn't even read the book (in fact don't think it was even out then),  and it wasn't until years after that I read it and thought "blinking hell that's exactly  what I did the months leading to BB". The process of feeling and truly believing you ARE ALREADY THERE, that it had happened. It may sound super crazy but I literally thought I was already famous. I remember being on a works conference and someone asking what I do and I replied 'I'm famous ' and they replied "I don't know who you are" and. I said, "you will". 


I was mad! I had sent in my application for BB and had many many auditions as do meetings ..I was getting closer and closer. The. Nothing I had heard nothing back. But the feeling hadn't died. I was tunnel vision.  Then a few days (yes around 4 days) I got the call.  The rest is history ...





I didn't get this far JUST to just get this far. I'm here to share and really, really lay out my help others to change and better themselves and to give confidence. I was called by the national press...ugly, fat, a ligger, a has been. You have no idea how it feels to wake up to national newspapers calling me and voting me as one of the ugliest housemates of all time, calling me fat and even wishing me dead. 


Did it let it break me? Actually, it did. I cry in bed for days. But guess what? I got out of that bed, then vowed to make changes and show the world who I really am.

About me

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